Why it is Christmas early at my house

I’ve always been one to celebrate the excitement of Christmas.  I know that doesn’t make me unique.  But, as I am almost 30 years old (don’t laugh) I find the holiday to be even more important than ever to me.  The economy is in the toilet; we learned today that unemployment is at a 16 year high, the stock market is down again and, the most important one of all, the bitter loss with Proposition 8 passing earlier this month.  All combined to drag me out earlier than ever to hang up hundreds of beautifully colored Christmas lights.  It is a way to put November and also the world as we know it behind me for just a few weeks to be thankful for what I have and of course for awesome gifts!  So, if you’re with me, get out there and put up your decorations before it gets too darn cold!

Jason Scott

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