Why Do We Engage Mental Patients??

Joel Osteen appeared on The View today and was asked his opinion on homosexuality. You can watch the video attached to this article to hear his response.

Why are we interested in his opinion? Osteen explains from a biblical standpoint why he feels homosexuality is a "mistake" but then goes on to say he can’t "pick and choose" what he believes from the bible. If that’s so, he’d better start stoning children to death who speak back to their parents and murdering women who aren’t virgins when they get married. Picking and choosing is EXACTLY what he’s doing, and he’s making MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars doing it, and NO ONE on that show called him on it.

When do we get to the point of ration and reason in this nation and treat religion like the mental disorder that it is. We admire leaders who believe mythology is reality instead of taking them out of the equation when discussing real, actual issues.

In my opinion, if we’re going to keep bringing religious people into debate on real issues like politics and civil rights, then we need to start throwing in some people who believe in leprechauns and elves as well. Then things would be a bit more "fair and balanced"…

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