Ted Olson Speaks To LA Times About Prop 8 Case

ImageTed Olson is, along with David Boies, bringing a challenge to the Supreme Court concerning the constitutionality of California’s Prop 8. Olson has a staunchly Republican past, which makes his teaming up with Boies, a Democrat, more than fascinating, especially considering what they’re fighting for. The LA Times recently talked things over with Olson..

From the LA Times Article…

When you’ve pleaded a case before the United States Supreme Court, your memento, your trophy, is a white quill. Some lawyers get one and treasure it forever. Ted Olson has enough to fletch an eagle, and he hopes to add one more — legalizing same-sex marriage. During the Republican glory years in Washington, Olson was a GOP pillar: at the first meeting of the Federalist Society, on the board of directors of American Spectator magazine, stalwart of the Reagan administration. It was Olson who argued George W. Bush’s case to the Supreme Court in Bush vs. Gore in 2000, securing the presidency. He grew up and was educated in California, elementary school through law school, and lived on the Palos Verdes peninsula before going all Beltway on us. And now he’s back at his old law firm and working with an old adversary, David Boies, who argued Al Gore’s side of the 2000 election. They’ve launched a challenge to Proposition 8 that could find them together again before the high court — but on the same side, arguing that same-sex marriage should be part of mainstream America. Who’da thunk it?

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