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Author: Paul Lisicky


A Novel


Review By:  Leon Velasco


I thought it was wonderfully written. In some scenes I could actually remember finding myself in the same predicaments. Some cases you’d find yourself laughing out loud and rooting for; “The Lawn Boy,” then finding yourself anxious to see what happens next.


The writer did a great job. I don’t want to give it away too much, but,  haven’t you found that you’ve moved in with a lover only to find, you feel out of place because nothing is yours except for; your clothes in his drawers. Now add your estranged, non-supportive parents and a lover almost three times your age, with a pinch of mischievous revenge. Put it all in a pot, mix well and you get….”LAWN BOY. I didn’t want to put the book down.

Seventeen-year- old Evan’s adventure begins with mowing a neighbor’s lawn, a summer job that leads him into unpredictable world of desire and betrayal. Estranged from his parents and his brother, he moves in with forty-one-year-old William and begins a disastrous series of attempts to make a new home. Must he choose between his family and desire? First published to wide acclaim in 1999, Lawn boy wanders the tumultuous landscape of the early 1990’s its south Florida setting as fertile and troubling as Evan’s inner life.

“Lawn boy is, quite simply, the real thing, a novel of mystery and great beauty.”

Michael Cunningham

“Lushly emotional, romantic, and tragic.” — Paper

“Paul Lisicky conveys the sweetness and lostness of a boy, and the senselessness of making him choose between extremes.” — The Los Angels Times Sunday Book Review


He’s My Girl

(They’ve got a lot of Explaining to do.)

Director: Gabrielle Beaumont


T.K Carter / David Hallyday / David Clennon/ Jennifer Tilly

Review By: Leon Velasco

Feeling nostalgic? Here is a movie surely going to throw you back to 1987. This movie will remind you how hip pre-washed jeans, parachute pants, and hy-top sneakers were. Ever wanted to see what a drag queen would look like if s/he were break dancing? Here’s your shot. T.K. Carter gets to see what its like to walk a mile in a female’s shoes.

Movies like these make me wonder, if males who play drag actually feel an appreciation of the “art”.

What luck! Brian, a would-be rock star, wins the trip of a lifetime: to fly to
Hollywood and play his tunes on national TV. But there’s a catch: he must bring a date. Bosom buddy Reggie is also
bryan’s manager and won’t be left out on his big break. So reggie becomes, “
Regina”, and off the two go to the wild and wooly world of hard rockin’

Living out a real live fantasy,
bryan meets his idol, aging British rocker Simon Sledge, and falls in love with an off-the-wall waitress. Meanwhile, Reggie spends every hour in and out of wardrobe in this outrageous tale of sex, fame and rock and roll.

“A funny sex farce…” — Variety

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