No on Proposition 8 Rally : This Saturday!

Peaceful Demonstration Oct. 25, 2008 4pm-6pm at Blackstone and Shaw

Marriage Equality USA and No on Prop 8 Fresno will merge together for a peaceful rally. There will be representatives available to clear up any myths or misleading information regarding the controversial proposition in English and/or Spanish.

Signs will be provided (or make your own, please do not use the words “discrimination” or “hate” in your signage).

The Staff and Volunteers have dutifully put up all sorts of yard signs and postings to get the word out. Our rights to free speech are being denied by the opposing side by having our signs removed/stolen. But still most of the Yes on 8 signs remain. So we feel no other recourse but to physically rally to get our voices heard.

Please pass this along to friends/family. Also post on MySpace, Face book, etc. For more information contact: Mr. Jason Scott (559) 862-4559

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