News From Visalia

News from Visalia which is the Central Part of the Rainbow in California
Imagine going on campus to the College of the Sequoias and being greeted by over 30 Rainbow flags leading from the courtyard to the cafeteria.  You open the cafeteria doors and then see Rainbow Flags on every table. Ah, gay pride month (and that is meant to be LGBTQ inclusive). It was so refreshing being back on campus and seeing those Rainbow Flags with the ‘true colors shinning through" just like those Cyndi Lauper lyrics.  Did you know that Cyndi Lauper (and she isn’t sure if it is true or not) said that a long time ago, the creator of the Rainbow Flag told her at a gay pride event that he was so inspired by her song "True Colors"  that he created that flag. True or not,  while singing "True Colors" in concert we have seen her remove a large Rainbow Flag from the piano, drape it over her shoulder and with her fist high in the air, finish singing the song.  Talk about pride  swelling up within you.  It did and big time.  Cyndi has a lesbian sister! Cyndi Lauper has always supported  our community and we love her for it.

Meanwhile back to the COS Pride Event,  the first thing  when you opened that cafeteria door was the  bottled water and soft drinks . It was a hot day and thirst was quickly quenched.  Next to the drinks were 2 hugh platters of delicious deli style sandwiches.  Who says you can’t have a free lunch and or dinner?  Then you saw the fresh fruit trays and realized how much of it was produced right here in America’s Agricultural Heartland.  Of course the dessert  trays with the cookies and the brownies (all kinds) were tempting until stuffed into ones face.   Yummy.

Greeters greeted you at the sign in table and welcomed you.  You were given the opportunity to include your email address because the sponsors of this great event had plans for future events that you can be alerted of via email. There were 3 tables full of LGBT items that were freely given away – pride necklaces, keyrings, pens, information, safe sex kits and baseball caps.  I love my black baseball cap with the rainbow lettering that says "". 

Thank you to Luann Baldwin and all the sponsors of this Grand Event which celebrated LGBTQ Pride.  If you live in the Visalia area and need some information, related to health care visit  

In other news, we hope to have some major announcements soon as to the events we have scheduled for National Coming Out Day on October 11 and Worlds AIDS Day on December 1.  Ever heard of Jason and DeMarco? If you haven’t, you will.  Our first film screening of a gay film is on the horizion.  If you want any information on whats happening in the Visalia area, send an email to [email protected].   
That is all from me. Now, please add the following announcement from our area. I did not write it but a good friend – Mitzi has submitted it for publication:
The Fourth Wall Theatre Company will be holding auditions for James Goldman’s The Lion in Winter directed by Richard Morrill and Jack Patino.
Show Dates are Nov 3rd ­ 18th 2006.
Auditions will be held Aug 21 and 22 , 6:30 p.m. at the Ice House Theatre located at 410 E. Race, Visalia.
We are looking for men and women ages late teens to mid 30’s.
For more information please visit our website at or call our toll free number
*Please note* ­ This is a Fourth Wall Theatre Company production and is not associated with the Visalia Community Players or their season tickets

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