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Sometimes I feel as if everyone I know does not care about me, it’s like I’m all alone and no one cares.

Lonely in Fresno

Dear Lonely in Fresno,

There are times that everyone feels this way like they are all alone. Truth is you’re not that alone as you think if you have good friends that are there for you when you need them. It is kind of hard to find friends that are going to be there for you but trust me, they are out there. Yes the friend you have now could be the right kind of friend for the job but how you can tell is if when you tell them that you are feeling all alone and they say get over it that is life and kind of make fun of you that is not friend that you want in your life. A real friend will ask you why you are feeling all alone and how they could help you feel better and not so alone. Friends like this are hard to come by, so if you know of someone like this don’t let them go they are yuor true friends, but you should let all of the "friends" that you know are just making you feel this way just let them go but better yet don’t because between you and me I bet you that on the inside they are feeling the same way as you and you are their friend that they can talk to.

Katrina Marie

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