Citizen Activist Faces Revenge From Anti-Gay Groups

ImageFred Karger is the man behind the boycott of the Manchester Hotel in San Diego, motivated by the hotel owner’s donation in support of Prop 8. He moved on to 3 other boycott campaigns for the same reason, and then went after the Mormon Church and the National Organization for Marriage. Lastly, he filed a complaint in Maine regarding the organizations and monies used to fund the campaign to ban same sex marriage.

Now Karger has been subpoenaed in a federal case brought by against California election officials, in an attempt to end reporting of contributor names in the state of California. Karger is simply an individual, a citizen activist, who felt a responsibility to fight for justice. With the cost of a lawsuit in California, he faces a difficult road, although he’s already being reached out to by many people who want to help, including Cleve Jones.

Read his story  HERE

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