California Court rules on Gay Marriage

March 15, 2005

Court rules denying marriage to same sex couples based on gender or orientation is unconstitutional…

“California Court rules that denying marriage rights on basis of gender or sexual orientation is…discrimination”
You heard it right ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, friends and family. Yesterday we reached a milestone in dear ol’ California. We are a very liberal state however, the freedom to marry is still not in our grasps. Yesterday, a judge in the San Francisco court took a monumental step for us.  Declaring that the denial of marital rights on basis of gender or orientation is discrimination. Well, coming from a conservative republican judge, that says a lot.  It was a proud day for many of us, and those who had no feelings of joy, well I had enough for all of you! 
This decision and the step in the right direction is not just for those of us who go to protests, who are on the MECA/EQCA  mailing list, not just for those who’ve obtained DP rights, it is for everyone. Everyone in the LGBTQ community, our friends, our family, our younger generations struggling to find their place in this world. For our children who need to see that their mommies and daddies are in the same committed loving relationships the heterosexual families have. The validity is the prize.
Yesterday’s decision is not without opposition. It will be appealed and probably end up in the Supreme Court. It is very important for all of us to remember the prize. The light at the end of the tunnel. We are humans, we are citizens, we deserve EQUALITY, no matter what and where it may be, in all instances of life.  Let me just say…We are on our way!
 Through this very trying and emotional quest, I’ve seen tears of sorrow and of joy. Laughter all about. Harmonious chants! Intellectual debates. This is all for one thing…validity. Validity that we are people, we are citizens, we have feelings, we work, we pay taxes, we care about the good of the country and the people. We are not 2nd class citizens and we aren’t going to sit down and take it!!!
 There are no other group of people I’d rather be surrounded by in this fight, my fellow LGBTQ friends and family. Thank you so much for all of your efforts, thoughts, and prayers.
Please remember March 15, 2005. This day is going down in history. Our children will be reading about this someday, and WE  are part of it.


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