VIDEO: Transgender Admission Sparks Controversy

The attached video shows a 14 year old California girl issuing a call for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies because a Colorado chapter of the Girl Scouts proudly admitted to the acceptance of transgendered girls.

“I am asking you to take action with me and boycott Girl Scout Cookies.” The video eventually concludes with a tagline for the Honest Girl Scouts site, which describes itself as a group “concerned with the alarming choices GSUSA has been making,” and “advocating for a change back to simply building girls of good character.”

It’s a difficult video to watch because of the calculated delivery of this girl, who often seems like nothing more than a robot reciting lines.

Let this be said, the Girl Scouts as an organization is open minded and thoughtful, and much more liberal than the average American might be aware of. While this girl is following the principals she learned from the Girl Scouts in expressing her opinion, she is not in line with the general policies of the Girl Scouts as an organization.

Time to step up and buy MORE Cookies to support the Girl Scouts, who have in place many liberal policies the LGBT Community would be proud of, including allowing transgender kids to join.

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