VIDEO: The View & Dumb Football Players

The View has had many, many infamous discussions over the years regarding same sex marriage. Here’s the problem, they tend to frame it as a “belief” argument. My civil rights are not a “belief”. The fact that although I am legally married to another man in the state of California still does not get me and my husband the critical federal tax breaks afforded to straight couples. That’s not a belief, that’s a fact. Until they start framing this as a civil rights issue, we will not prevail. It doesn’t help either that Dan Choi was on the news last week saying that legal same sex marriage is a matter of “love”. No, it’s not, and I really wish Marriage Equality USA would end their ridiculously defeating and incorrect framing of this issue. Why do they insist on framing this as an issue of “love” and claiming we are all “love warriors”?

Really? Everyone is legally allowed to love. That’s a fact. Everyone is not legally allowed to marry. That’s a fact. Marriage Equality and Dan Choi need to stop playing cute word games. You know why? Because anyone with a brain, including our opponents, can absolutely point their finger at that “love” argument and be absolutely right when they shout “You are allowed to love, right now, go ahead!” And they’re right. Marriage Equality USA is wrong. Dan Choi is wrong. The idiot football player referenced in this clip is wrong. Ironically, even Sherri Shepard catches on to that.

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