TransView – July


I have been reporting on the many legislative advances for transgender individuals. Now I would like to turn some attention on the more practical aspects of transitioning. This month let’s look at LEGS. Trans men seem to have better luck in firming up more masculine legs. The hormone quickly supplies more hair and “filling out”. To encourage the progress, it has been suggested to me that consuming a soy protein muscle builder herbal as well as combining an effective exercise routine can encourage a little quicker result.

Trans females have a little more “practice” to look forward to. First I have learned from various sources and some detailed observations that males have more of a tendency to swing their arms and shoulders when they walk. Females have more of a tendency to swing their hips and legs when walking (pre-teens can be seen “practicing” this sometimes). It might be beneficial to be a little more consciences about this when strolling down the street. To practice put all of your weight on one leg then shift all of your weight to the other leg when taking a step. Exaggerate this for a while until you get used to it. Wearing heels (2 to 3 inches) will add to the “wiggle”. I did come across an exercise to encourage the “hip wiggle” movements for females. Put one of your feet up on a stool (not really high) then lean and rock forward about 10 times. Next move/wiggle hips side to side for 10 to 20 and rotate 10 to 20 or so. Change feet and do again. Another tip I learned was to shorten my stride. Some studies indicate the average women’s stride is about 26″ or so. Measure the distance from the toe of one foot to the toe of the opposite foot in a step. Higher heels may warrant shorter steps. Wearing pencil skirts will encourage shorter steps also.

There seems to be a consensus among many of my acquaintances that a great many trans females actually make better looking females than the genetically gifted do. They may try harder (make a more concerted effort) in paying attention to a lot of the “little details”. Someone once commented to me that the pre-teen and young teen genetic females could spot a trans female a mile away with their backs turned and their eyes closed. The tiny “little details” seem to be that important.

I have been subscribing to an “e-zine” run by Lucille Sorella ( and have learned a few tips on helping to cope with some of those tiny “little details”. For winter time a good pair of panty hose or nylons is a must. Try the more tinted as they will hide more yet show off your curves. For the summer I have tried airbrush (aerosol) leg makeup and it adds some color to my legs as well as evens out the different shades my legs have naturally. It also hides some of the faint flaws. It does seem to permanently stain some fabrics, though; careful.

Shoes are a necessity, of course, and keep in mind that a higher heel will cause some contracting of the calf muscles and add unwanted muscular features. Be mindful that some pointy toes can add inches to the feet and square toes can add a “stumpy” look. A round closed toe would work the best for camouflaging those size 10 and above a little better.

Consideration should go to choosing the right length skirt. Calf length for some may come across as a little “dowdy”. Too short can also have its own hazards. To find a good length for your legs a fashion rule of thumb may work best to your advantage. Stand upright with arms to your sides. The tips of your fingers should just barely be able to feel the flesh of your legs. This may be the symmetry you are looking for.

Try to find fashion that shows the color RED. This color seems to bring interest to your legs.

Maybe next month I will do a column on VOICE. Meanwhile watch with a detailed eye how others dress, walk, and present themselves. Then PRACTICE.

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