The National Equality March Is Almost Here

ImageThe NATIONAL EQUALITY MARCH is approaching fast, taking place on Saturday, October 11th in Washington DC. Some of the latest NEWS & UPDATES on the march…

Cleve Jones recently sent a letter to President Obama, urging him to join them at the rally. There is also a posting of the latest list of EVENTS to be taking place during the weekend. Having received their official permits, an official march route has been designated and released. You can check it out here: MAP OF MARCH ROUTE. Through the website you can take advantage of SPECIAL AIRLINE DISCOUNTS FROM JET BLUE

There are various SOLIDARITY RALLIES planned throughout the country and around the world, including a Solidarity Event in Visalia. MARRIAGE EQUALITY USA is hosting the San Francisco Bridge Walk For Marriage Equality on the same day, October 11th. In Fresno you can hook up with the group heading up by clicking here: FRESNO GROUP – SAN FRANCISCO BRIDGE WALK OCT 11

If you would like to donate to the march, you can by clicking here: NATIONAL MARCH DONATIONS

There’s been a good deal of conflict over the National March, on all sides of the issue. We have to remember that although we call ourselves one community, we remain individuals with different opinions. However we’re after the same goal, equal civil rights for all LGBT Americans. Clearly, none of us knows the answer as to how to obtain those rights, as we’ve faced failure on so many fronts. But I hope at this point we can put aside current arguments and wish nothing but success for the March. Because this March is not just about the people who are organizing it or the people that can be there. This March is for all LGBT Americans, and was always intended as such. This March, as with other efforts on a National level, demonstrate to the opposition that we won’t play State by State forever.  It says loud and clear that we’re willing to up the ante.

We are not who the opposing side paints us to be. We know that. Many of them know that. Still, we’re forced daily to be verbally abused and debased by hateful words and lies. We are confronted by physical and emotional abuse. Yes, it’s painful. Yes, it wears you down. Yes, we thought this would be over by now. But YES, our rights WILL be granted. We may not be able to say when, but they will be granted, and the National March, as all efforts which will come after it, are working toward that goal. This is America, and even faced with another day of injustice which has become difficult to understand, we must continue standing with confidence that eventually, we will have our equality.  

As it’s been said many times for many years, the single most important action for any LGBT American is to come out into the open, to be who we are in all aspects of our lives. For some of us there’s not a lot of sacrifice to being out. For others, the sacrifice is great. But sacrifice, on various levels, is necessary to move ourselves forward. Visibility is our strongest weapon in tearing down this inexcusable tyranny our community lives through every day.

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