The G Word

Throughout the recent years I’ve heard many straight people casualy use the word "gay" while describing something undesirable or of less importance. Many times I’ve tried to look the other way or even put on an expression as if I didn’t hear it.  I did hear it, we all heard it.



It frightens me how common and acceptable this behavior has become in our society, more so in our youth. Its become our delema of the "N" word. Those using the word GAY in an offensive way may claim not be homophobic, however, they are releasing homophobic energy. Those of us who have tried to bite our lips at work, amongst friends or family its time to speak up.

In the beginning years I struggled trying to understand if I was offended by this. I didn’t want to be one of those uptight activists always playing the "gay card".  I realized after a few encounters that deep down it was offensive to me and that I shouldn’t have to surpress those feelings of hurt.

I had to say something yesturday at work to one of my dear friends…we received a shipment of new colours which we didnt care for.

She responded with, "yeah i dont like them, they’re kinda gay".

I dropped what I was doing, raised my left brow (I had just gotten them threaded) and looked her dead in the eye. She said she was sorry and swore she wasnt homophobic. I told her it doesn’tconcern me if she does or does not accept homosexuals; that word will no longer come out of her mouth in that manner, without it being repeated to the human resources manger.


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