The Death Threats Have Been Called Off!

It began on a Sunday morning after he greeted a group of gay rights protesters outside his church. In a spontaneous move, Franklin decided to invite the group into the morning service and asked their leaders to speak to his congregation.

A video from that morning shows Franklin onstage with the protest leaders. "I just want them to know they’re not our enemies and I don’t feel that from them in that," Franklin tells his congregation.

"As a person who has served on a forum with Pastor Franklin I know his conviction and I know your conviction as a church and I only ask you to respect my same conviction and ask that we work together for a better Fresno," said Robin McGehee with the Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

The next day, Franklin received an e-mail from the man who had threatened him.

"He said, ‘I saw what you did by inviting those protesters onstage," Franklin recalled. "Maybe you’re not as homophobic as I thought. You’re not going to hear from me any longer. And you can tell the mayor I won’t bother him either.’"

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