Sex offender public hearing

On August 8, you are invited to attend a public hearing sponsored by the Governor’s High-Risk Sex Offender Task Force. This task force will tell Governor Schwarzenegger how closely he should watch sex offenders that are released from state prisons into your neighborhood.

Why should you care?
Some politicians–and some members of the Governor’s Task Force–want more freedom for convicted pedophiles… and less parole supervision. In fact, out of over 100,000 registered sex offenders in California, only 2% of them are under "high-risk parole" supervision, where agents are overwhelmed with caseloads of 40 to 1. But believe it or not, the Governor’s Department of
Corrections wants to cut that number in half! They claim that criminals convicted of sexually assaulting children are not a "high-risk" in most cases, and simply don’t need to be watched closely.

Come to the hearings, Learn about the State’s plans, and be heard!  Then spread the word!

There’s not much time! Here is how you can make a difference right now:

* Attend the public hearing and bring others (teenagers and adults)
* Send this email to everyone in your address book and everyone you know
* Call neighbors, family, church, PTA or other groups and encourage them to attend the public hearing!
* Visit the PROTECT website to learn more or sign up for email updates (

Please, don’t miss your chance to be heard! Together, we will send a message to Sacramento that cannot be ignored!

Meeting Date and Time:

Tuesday, August 8: Fresno
Board of Supervisors Building
Hall of Records
2281 Tulare Street, Room 301
Fresno, California

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