San Diego Mayor Stands Up

Image The San Diego City Council recently voted 5-3 to join other California cities in supporting an overturning of the state’s ban on same sex marriage, a matter currently pending in the state Supreme Court. The case resulted from court decisions to invalidate marriage licenses issued in 2004 in San Francisco with the approval of  Mayor Gavin Newsome.

The Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, a Republican, has reversed his earlier position, which was to veto the City Council decision. The following link accesses a video of the Mayor’s public statement regarding the reversal of his stand on the issue. The video is stunning as Sanders shows the integrity and honesty we rarely see from  politicians. He’s emotional and moved to tears as he explains his change of heart. This is something the gay community has been waiting for a very long time. I urge everyone, but especially those in the LGBT community, to watch this video. While we are continually degraded and denied day after day in this country, this brief moment is a gift that we all very much deserve and should be thankful for.

San Diego Mayor Endorses Gay Marriage

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