Robin Tyler Speaks Out On Leaders

More voices are coming forward, decrying the latest shift in the LGBT movement, which allows a small number of self appointed leaders to call the shots in the battle for LGBT Equal Rights in America…

From the Gay & Lesbian Times…

ImageLongtime GLBT activist Robin Tyler called for a more democratic marriage-equality movement at the Activist Town Hall forum at The San Diego LGBT Community Center, on Tuesday, June 23.

“This movement hasn’t become radical enough. This movement pretends to be democratic, but it’s far from,” Tyler said. Tyler, a pioneer within the GLBT civil rights movement and executive director of The Equality Campaign, was the first lesbian to sue the state of California challenging the ban on same-sex marriage.

Tyler put the spotlight on the Courage Campaign, an organizing network that fights for progressive change in California, including marriage equality, saying its structure is undemocratic.

“The Courage Campaign goes around and organizes these things in cities, and you sit around telling each other stories, your personal stories. You cry and share your stuff and then nothing. Nothing happens. It’s not democratic,” she said.

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