Review of Fresno LGBTQ @ Maxximum Putt Putt

Image    This is a place that has just opened and anyone who has the heart of a child needs to stop for a little visit. This place is extremely well thought out place for indoor mini golf. The theme is Glow in the Dark, and all the holes are specific places on the several continents. I was surprised to see many individuals come out to join us in a fun filled night. People of all ages; it was great. Along with the clubs and balls we were given glow in the dark bracelets, colors varied and we had our choice.

    I will not give away all the details of the scenery, but I can tell you this. You will be astounded and the imagination of the person/s that put this place together. I will say this one thing, be careful where you step. Although they take precautions in the different levels where you may step wrong but in the height of having fun; you still may step wrong and twist your ankle like my daughter. Or like me; slip off the borders and look like an idiot as I stumbled.

    After we had our round of golf my daughter and I enjoyed a few of their arcade games, especially the air hockey, and the dance arcade. The next day I found sore muscles I never knew I had in places.

    There are several pictures taken by many individuals there; including Monique, Jason, Leah, and myself. I hope you enjoy them enough to pay, Maxximum Putt Putt, a little visit.



The Fresno LGBTQ Social Group meets the second Friday of every month

Get involved! Give your time for the greater good of the community
Your ideascan make the group Bigger and Better!
Volunteer just 2-4 hours per month
Contact Leah for details

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