Review of Fresno LGBTQ @ John’s Incredible Pizza

Image What had started out uncertain ended with a bang. It was a rainy night and my drive over there was making me doubt that anyone would show up under the rainy conditions. BOY was I wrong. There were about a dozen of us (and yes, we wore our rainbow flag name tags for all to see). If you think that the economy is going down hill; try getting through the line at that place on a Friday night at dinner hour, rain or no rain. A female couple even found us by the name tags a few minutes late. We had a couple of tables in the “Cabin Fever” room. With our name tags showing and the conversations being discussed, I thought for sure we’d be challenged but everyone around us minded their own business. We had jokes, several laughs, ate heartily, and had a good time. Then you know what comes next!!!!! DESSERT!!!!!! Everyone had something different and all pigged out. But that was ok, cause then the fun part for working it off was coming up after. Everyone was in the game room and we mingled with everyone else in the room, parents, teens, employees, and everyone was delightful. Not once through the entire night was there any opposition, ore derogatory remarks made. Everyone had fun trying to win tickets to see who can get the most out of one game. I even got wrapped up in a pile of tickets with Monique, (caught on camera). So, what ever the reason that you couldn’t join us that night either rain, or money, we wished you could have joined us. It was a lot of fun and I’d do it again with the group. Catch us next time for March’s event; it could be more fun than this.


Catch us out next month for Sushi and Karaoke at Miso in Clovis!

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