Restaurant Review: Cosmopolitan

ImageImageFor my second review, I picked a great restaurant that you might not even realize is there. My friend was surprised the building had a restaurant in it.

The Cosmopolitan restaurant at
Fresno and G Streets is in
Chinatown. It has a down home casual atmosphere. For lunch, you order at the counter from one of three menus, one with hot sandwiches, another with cold sandwiches, and another from the grill. If you want alcohol, you have to order it separately from the bar.

For dinner you will be seated at a table and served. The dinner menu is a little fancier with meat and pasta entrees, but Cosmopolitan remains comfort food, not a place you go to on a diet. Their side salad is exceptional. I always have mine served with an Italian dressing and a generous serving of blue cheese. It is much better than your average salad you get at a modest restaurant.

The open steak sandwich is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner, though it is served dressed up for dinner with mushrooms, onions, and blue cheese. The cheese drenched sausage with garlic bread is also a delicious decision for lunch. They also serve a great burger anytime. The onion rings and fries are the best in town. The cocktail drinks are also the most generous in town for average prices. If you want a Long Island Iced Tea, this place serves the best. Only thing to stay away from, to my knowledge, is the tri tip plate. They cut it thick and cook it medium rare, and for tri tip that means you will have a dental exercise.

Because of where it is, sadly they are closed on the weekend and only serve dinner Wednesday through Friday. You also have to be 21 to enter, but if you are in for some good old-fashioned food in a friendly environment, this is the place to go. For more info on Cosmopolitan, go to their website.

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