Prop 8: Local Fresno Videos On YouTube

ImageCheck out these videos posted on YouTube by people from Fresno. There are videos of recent demonstrations and rallies, including the entire speech given by Christina Chavez at the rally on November 2nd, which was brilliant and moving, as well as the closing speech by the very brave Father Geoffrey Farrow. Click on the links to access the videos. (The YouTube user names follow each video name in the links)

The Journey To Defeat Prop 8 In Fresno (sadstorygirl)

No On Prop 8 Fresno (mamasails2)

No on Prop 8 – Cesar Chavez’s Granddaughter @ Fresno Rally (marcs501tim)

BIG No On 8 Rally In Fresno (mikerhodes93705)

Keynote Speaker Addresses No On 8 Rally (mikerhodes93705)

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