Please, consider helping….

Many of you have asked how you can help and although I KNOW this is a very tight economic time for many, one of the major ways you can help is by helping us, personally, offset the cost that some of us have taken on while doing this work. If you do decide to give or, If you have already contributed – either by giving when you picked up signs at the GSA Network office, offering to pay for City Hall rental fee, giving $20, $40, + to cover other event needs – THANK YOU! This work could not continue to get done without you.

I HATE to ask for money, but please remember we WERE NOT funded by the NO on 8 efforts – so, all cost have been either paid for by donations over the course of the campaign OR, by individuals who have been willing to foot the bill – in hopes, that some of the cost would come back to them.

Here are the remaining expenses to get us through the rest of the year – if by the Grace of Generosity we are able to collect more than the amount listed below – the account will be managed by me and held for future event spending or donated to LGBT Center planning for the Fresno/CV region – (I AM DETERMINED TO SEE THIS HAPPEN) – So, if you are willing & able to help by contributing financially – here are the details….

I have set up a account – you can either go to that site directly, or go to and click on the Donate Now button – at, go to send money, put in the email [email protected], the amount and click "services/other" – should be that easy, but who knows – Paypal does charge a transaction fee (about $1 for every $25)

You can also send a check or money order to Robin McGehee, 3729 East Huntington Blvd, Fresno, CA, 93702 and I will give a final total by 1/1/09 of what was collected and where we stand.

The TOTAL needed to cover No on 8 efforts over the past month, from 11/2/08 until present
(things already paid for, and not listed, election-night party, city hall rental, bus trip to Sacramento)

Kinko’s – TOTAL = $162.52 – due to Sara Martinez
Uhaul – TOTAL = $63.71 due to Sara Martinez

Guitar Center, mic stand – TOTAL = $55.05 due to Sara Martinez
Security for 11/2 Rally – TOTAL = $214 due to Robin McGehee

Flowers for Church Outreach – TOTAL = $346 due to Robin McGehee
100 Rally Signs for Future Events – TOTAL = $85.49
$2.00 each – 25% discount, for 100 of them, with shipping.

If you DO NOT have the money to give – please, consider donating your day on 12/10/08, if you do have the financial means to donate, do both!

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