My Own Evolution on Marriage Equality

gaywedding-06 When a member of the president’s staff said that his view on gay marriage had “evolved” and when the president explained this evolution during an interview, I felt a peak moment of empathy. Gay marriage is such a complex issue and I completely understand the idea of having evolving opinions regarding it. I also felt an empathy with the president since many of our steps in this evolution as well as our current views are very similar.

When I first became old enough to understand the idea of two men or two women getting married, I wholeheartedly supported the idea and didn’t see why anyone would be opposed to it or would even suggest an alternative.

It seemed to me that those who opposed gay marriage simply felt uncomfortable with the thought of gay people sharing their rights and I saw this as an insufficient reason. However, as I left my high school where nearly half of the males were gay, I met more and more people who had gay friends and were comfortable with gay people but still opposed gay marriage.

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