Marriage Equality Rally

Image In conjunction with gatherings held all over the state of California on Tuesday, September 18, to bring about awareness of pending same sex marriage legislation, Fresno participated with a rally at the corner of Blackstone & Shaw Tuesday evening. Holding signs declaring that “We All Deserve The Freedom To Marry”, the group engaged the community and interviewed with the media, including KMPH. Response at the rally was generally positive.


Recently the California Legislature approved a bill in support of the legalization of same sex marriage in the state. Although he has until October 14th to make a decision, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday that he will veto the legislation just as he did a similar bill in 2005, stating that the issue is up to the citizens of California. In 2000, California citizens passed Proposition 22, which allows the state to not legally recognize same sex marriage.

While same sex couples in California are allowed to register as domestic partners, this recognition is still about a thousand legal rights short of what every heterosexual married couple in the state is entitled to.

The California Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments challenging the state’s opposition to same sex marriage either late this year or early in 2008. 

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