Local Media Admits Major Error In Reporting on Franklin’s Rally

After all kinds of distortion by the local media as to what actually occurred at Sunday’s "Standing In The Middle For Equality" rally, the Fresno Bee comes around to, kind of, admitting that they all got the numbers wrong. As someone who WAS THERE and talking with others who WERE THERE, it’s hard to imagine how the numbers could have been so vastly over estimated. I find it incredibly insulting that virtually all local media vastly overestimated the crowd, even saying it was equal to Meet In The Middle attendance on Saturday, given that anyone with at least one eye in their head could easily discern the difference. Meet In The Middle’s crowd was MASSIVE by any stretch of the imagination, a crowd compiled and dedicated over months of organization, effort and support. Sunday’s crowd was little more than a last minute, word of mouth church group.

Should we also mention that Saturday’s Meet In The Middle rally, a rally organized in response to the CIVIL RIGHTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS BEING STRIPPED BY A SIMPLE MAJORITY, is being blandly compared to Sunday’s rally, a rally of GLOATING, SELF CENTERED, PREJUDICED ANTI-AMERICAN BIGOTS? Gee, I think I just did…

Maybe there’s something else going on here… Read the Fresno Bee’s step back to reality, here: Fresno Bee Article

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