ImageIn just a few short weeks you can enjoy the crisp, clean air of the sequoias, sit around a campfire in the cool evening air and party with over a hundred other members of the LGBT community, but only if you attend Kamp-Out 2009 and we hope you will.

This year’s Kamp-Out is the week-end of September 11 thru 13 at the Texas Flat campground.  This year’s theme is "The Movies" and we encourage you to get into the spirit of the week-end by decorating your campsite with the theme of your favorite movie.  There will be prizes awarded for best campsite.

The entire week-end is filled with events you can participate in such as "Kamp Town Races", The Boat Regatta", and "Needle in a Haystack".  Or if you prefer, to just kick back at your campsite and visit with friends, you are more than welcome to do that too.

The cost for the week-end is just $25.00 per person (under 18 not allowed) and you will certainly get your monies worth.  This includes your campsite, a progressive cocktail party and beer bash on Friday night, full breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Saturday and another beer bash on Saturday.  You can’t eat and drink at home for that price!

The highlight of Saturday is of course the "Kamp Show", and we mean just that!  Bring you most outrageous costume and a CD that has a movies theme and enter the show.  Better yet, get a group together and do a group number.  While this is an adult event, we do ask that costumes and numbers are in good taste.

If you have never been to Kamp-Out and need to know what to bring (or a regular that needs a refresher), please be sure to visit our website (http://www.kampoutfresno.com/) to find out what you need to bring.  This is a very remote site and you pretty much need to bring everything to sustain yourself for the week-end.

In order to keep the cost down for attendees, we do our best to get donations, so we would like to thank in advance Virgil and The Red Lantern, Paul and The Den, James and The North Tower Circle and The Golden State Bears for their generous donations.

So start gathering up your supplies, get your costume and CD together and plan on having a wonderful
time at Kamp-Out 2009!


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