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ImageR U Invited??

Beauty isn’t only skin deep / Non Rated / Written and Directed by: Israel Luna / Starring: Oscar Contreras-John De Los Santos-JR Ramírez Christopher Jones-David Matherly

Review By: Leon Velasco / Rating: Two Thumbs Up

This movie hopefully comes out on Logo Channel. It is amateur but oh so cute. In some places I found myself just laughing out loud. It was very well written and gives some insight to a group of friends and how there can be view points that clash and others that harmonize unexpectedly; but yet their bond of friendship doesn’t break. It also gives you the notion that a monogamous relationship can turn disastrous with the wrong choices couples may make, and that one can find comfort in a person you barely know.  It really made me reminisce about my past group of friends and although we are no longer in contact; I can feel the close bond we held for each other and still laugh at the ridiculous things we did. The actors did a great job at really capturing you to feel what each character is going through.

Five guys receive email invitation to a private “Party”. There is Ben, the young, pretty-boy who has a sugar daddy, Gordy, Ben’s slightly overweight friend who is against any kind of casual sex; Mondo & Jason, A couple considering opening their monogamous relationship; and Charlie, Ben’s sexually promiscuous friend and ex-boyfriend of Mondo.

As they gather at Ben’s house to take revealing photographs for the ‘screening process,’ discussions of personal grooming, drugs and their intertwined sexual histories cause personalities to collide…DRAMA!!! “R U Invited?’ pushes the boundaries of sex talk and explores the underground world of Sex Parties.

ImageIs He OR Isn’t He?

Author John Hall

A Novel

Review By: Leon Velasco

Rating: Two Thumbs Up

This book is a riot. A real page turner. Sure there are times you giggle out loud or scoff in hearing range but it keeps you in stitches. I’m sure everyone had the moment in high school when both you, (the gay boy) and your fag hag saw the most cutest boy in the entire school and you both try to find out if he’s gay or straight. Do you remember the schemes that took place to make that ever so important clue? The night’s they’d spend over at your house and you fake sleeping, your heart pounds intensely, and you nonchalantly lay your arm next to his to see what feed back you get. The parties and the drama all parts of a high school experience even I remember having. For the most part it’s a fun book; one that I’m sure will bring a smile many times to your face.

What happens when two best high school friends -a gay boy and a girl- fall for the same new guy? The answer would be simple if the new guy’s sexuality was apparent, but that’s not the case in this hilarious debut novel by John Hall, set in a prestigious New York City private school. New guy Max is beyond cute. It just so happens that the senior prom is quickly approaching, and pals Anthony and Paige are both looking for the perfect date. The only thing making Max perfect for neither of them is the mystery of his sexual orientation! So the friends set out to crack the case, doing whatever it takes, from luring him into a hot tub to casting him as the romantic lead in a student film. The real dilemma is, which one of them is going to have to show up stag for the prom?  Or will it be both of them…

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