I Don’t Want AIDS For Christmas

Ah, the joys of the holidays to shop till you drop and eat till you pop.  This is the time of the year where material guys and girls can be themselves and get that certain something that they have been waiting for all year long.  Or maybe you’re the generous type, and like to buy presents to impress you friends and family.  Well I’m sure whatever it is that you give or receive, AIDS is not on top of that list.  But unfortunately this is the time of year where loneliness sets in for some and inhibitions leave town.

Where busy bodies who have been working all year long finally slow down and realize that there is no one around; a time where drinking becomes the norm, and "party and play" becomes the thing to do to get through those lonely holiday nights.  Yet sadly, in the midst of all this fun and frolic AIDS is doing its thing and making its way around finding new people whose lives it can change and rearrange all because folks don’t want to take the time and play it safe.   Playing it safe means using a latex condom properly each and every time you have a sexual encounter (oral, anal, or vaginal) and if needle use is your thing, using a clean needle each time and not sharing your injection equipment (works) with anyone, I don’t care if it’s your momma!  Don’t do it!  Because I can tell you right now, if you don’t play it safe, you’ll be ending up with HIV/AIDS, a gift that keeps on giving.  Unlike the fruit cake your grandma gives you, that you just throw away or the gift that you friend gave you that you returned to Macy’s because it wasn’t your size, you can’t do these things with AIDS.  Once you got it, its your to keep until they come up with a cure.  The best way to keep things in perspective is to remember those who do have this disease and see how their lives have changed; if you haven’t already forgotten about them or if they haven’t died because of this disease.  Remember the nightmare that they were going through in regards to Medicare Part D (which for some is still happening), or the fact that they were once able bodied individuals now living on a fixed incomes, or the fact that some may have been discriminated in housing or employment because of their HIV status.  Basically, don’t forget friends and family living with HIV/AIDS over the holidays or the babies that are in the orphanages because their parents died of AIDS.  If you can hug an AIDS baby or tell a child living with AIDS that you love them and that God does care for them, if you are truly a caring Christian person.  If you haven’t thought about the HIV/AIDS fight, maybe this could be the opportunity to get involved and do something.  You could even donate to PROJECT: MALE as a way of showing your support if you don’t time to volunteer and get involved.  If you have questions or would like to know more, call me at (559) 268-1969

Happy Holidays to all and God Bless!

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