Give it to me Straight – Forever a virgin?


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I have a serious question, but here it goes.
In the past, I have had many opportunities to hook up with people and have sex. But for some reason or another I turned them down. I either found them uninteresting, unattractive, or I didn’t feel in the mood.
I am almost 20, and I’m still a virgin.
I’m extremely open minded when it comes to sex.

Here is my question: Do I wait until I find the right someone? Or hook up with the next person who I seem to like? I ask because at times I go back and forth on this question. I’ve heard sex is best when it with someone you like, but I don’t think sex necessarily has to involve a relationship. I am looking for a relationship too…a virgin looking for a relationship….it almost sounds like TV show, no?
What should I do?
Play the field, and when the time is right go for it? Or bang the next guy I feel interested in?
Sex is not everything….this I know. But it seems to be on my mind an awful lot these days. Experience and thoughts are everything in life, but I want to make the right choices for the right reasons.
Any thoughts are welcome.


Dear S,

In my uh. . . .experience, sex is usually better when you are interested in the person. I waited to lose my virginity until my first boyfriend. However, hooking up shouldn’t rule out a connection with someone. I know several couple who are in happy long-term relationships that started out as one night stands.

What I do know is that you will know when it feels right. If you decide to wait to have a relationship, thats good. If you decide to hook up with the first guy you find interesting and attractive, that’s good too! But don’t rule out the possibility of a deeper connection with him just because its a hook up.

Safe & Happy Hunting ;),


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