GayFresno launches Advice column – Give it to me Straight

ImageGay Fresno is starting an advice column and would like to answer your questions. Remain completely anonymous. We welcome questions from both men and women. This service will officially launch at pride this year, but you can get your questions in now!

So, go ask your question and we’ll answer them.

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So I think this may be a common issue with many gay men like myself. I seem to always fall for my straight male friends. What do you do and or say when you are about to tell your straight Friend that you like them?  Now this friend is really open and kind, I just don’t want to ruin a good friendship with me having to get something off my chest.  Do you have any advice on letting my friend know my feelings?



I can’t count the number of friends I know who have fallen for a straight guy, especially their best straight friend. Lets face it, some straight guys are really attractive! I think why we become so attracted to our straight friends is because they’re our friends. It’s easy to become attracted to someone you have a good time with.

I think its important to remember two facts though: 1) You don’t want to jeopardize the friendship in anyway, and 2) Your friend is straight. I know its really easy to imagine him changing just for you, or maybe just not coming out to you, but chances are if he had an attraction to guys he would have told you by now.

If you don’t want to jeopardize your friendship with him I would suggest not letting him know and that you try to move on. There are plenty of gay men out there who are just as attractive.

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