Fresno Bee Letters On Court Decision

ImageAfter a few angry, hateful and prejudiced letters hit the Bee immediately after the recent Supreme Court Decision, some letter writers with intelligence and reason finally broke through. Click on below to see the letters, which highlight the voter’s lack of understanding of how the court system works, as well as decrying our own Mayor Autry’s outrageous condemnations aimed at the legitimate protection of LGBT American’s civil rights…

No tool for oppression 05/22/08 22:21:45

What homophobic Americans don’t understand about the constitution (national and state) is that it is a document created to guarantee and protect Americans’ rights and freedom. It is not to be used as a tool to oppress people.

Arsen K. Apkarian III / Merced

‘Deny equal rights’ 05/22/08 22:15:03

California’s Supreme Court ruled that the state’s same-sex marriage ban is "unconstitutional." Without skipping a beat, mayors in San Francisco and Los Angeles expressed joy and elation for the equal rights ruling — but not in Fresno.

In stark contrast, our mayor, Alan Autry, publicly declares that one of the greatest states in our nation has a court system that has "gone crazy … and tramples on the will of people." Even our governor vows to speak against people like Mayor Autry who plan to reverse the decision.

I’m disgusted to think that my tax dollars will be wasted in continuing to support Mayor Autry’s divisive "traditional marriage" celebrations, while at the same time he actively works to deny equal rights for all citizens of Fresno. He obviously doesn’t understand that the Constitution and our Founding Fathers created the judiciary to protect "discrete and insular minorities" from the tyranny of the majority.

Perhaps this lack of basic judgment explains why Fresno, the state’s sixth-largest city, continues to be viewed as a small rural community that doesn’t deserve to be given a seat at the table, instead of being accurately recognized as a vital up-and-coming destination for both businesses and families.

Clark Willits / Fresno

What liberal judges? 05/22/08 22:17:13

It seems as though Steven Burgamy, Sheryl White, Warren Wilder and Bob White [letters May 20] all need to do a little research before they spout off their Republican Party talking points about "liberal judges" overriding "the will of the people."

The California Supreme Court consists of seven justices. Six of these, including Chief Justice Ronald George, were appointed by Republicans — three by Pete Wilson, two by George Deukmejian and one by The Governator.

That being said, please allow me to impart a little lesson on government and laws. All laws, whether passed legislatively or by referendum, are subject to the question of constitutionality. Here is where that quaint system of checks and balances enters the picture. The Constitution remains the ultimate document of law in the United States, as the California Constitution remains in our great state.

I am not gay, but I am also not so arrogant to believe that the rights afforded me under this document do not apply to others based simply on who they choose to be with.

Here’s a simple solution to this "moral compass" question: If you don’t believe in gay marriage, then don’t have one.

Russ Barker / Fresno

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