Fresno Bee chooses to Not Cover No on 8 Rally

You may have noticed the Fresno Bee decided to not cover last Sundays No on Prop 8 rally, although every other media outlet did.  The Bee did a front page spread on the "Yes on 8" rally that happened the week prior in the exact same location.  This strikes as unfair and purely partisan on their part.  But, don’t let us be the ones to tell you, take less than a minute and give them a call!  The following was submitted by Sara Martinez:

I know a lot of people are upset that The Fresno Bee did not cover our No on 8 Rally on Sunday. Even after the Yes on 8 rally had front page coverage last Monday.  If you are going to cover one such event, equal coverage should be given to the other. So now is our time to let our voices be heard.  Please call or email Betsy Lumvy at 441-6207 or [email protected].  Please respectfully let her know that you are disappointed that the Bee did not cover our rally, equal in size to that of the Yes on 8 rally.  However, it is also important that we remember that the Fresno Bee did not endorse Prop 8, and we must thank them for that.  Please call Jim Boren at 441-6307 for voicing opposition to Prop 8.  We need to both let them know we are disappointed, but also let them know that their opposition to Prop 8 is appreciated!!!

Sara Martinez
CCA Vice-President

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