Frank Rich – “You’re Likable Enough, Gay People”

ImageFrank Rich nails the problem with President Elect Barack Obama’s choice to deliver the invocation at the inaugural, in his article for the New York Times.

Throughout the campaign my overwhelming fear was that Barack would sell out like so many before him, and with his choice of homophobe Rick Warren to deliver the invocation, my fears began to see the light of day. I hope it doesn’t carry that much weight, I hope it was a stupid oversight, but stupid and thoughtless it was, none the less. Barack’s lame excuse of "bringing people together" and "welcoming diversity" not only does not apply to this choice, it condescends to all LGBT Americans. Let’s hope it’s not indicative of things to come. Read Frank Rich’s article by clicking on the following link…

NYT – Frank Rich – "You’re Likable Enough, Gay People"

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