Firecrackers: Spring 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I present to you the Firecrackers…Spring 2005, a sponsored softball team. Competing every Friday night, this is a team you’ll enjoy to watch……

Firecrackers Spring 2005

Well, being it is Spring 2005…it is time for some softball.

                     March 11th was the kickoff for the sponsored Firecrackers softball debut. The team is made up of 12 lovely women and our very own Baltimore and Robert Flannagan. Our goal this first season is to get a couple wins under our belt and learn to play efficiently as a team. The league is co-ed recreational. With only 2 men, we are going to have to play at our best every game. Iron out the wrinkles as they present themselves. Jason and RJ ( have decided so graciously to sponsor our team.  This brings us to another level of excitement.
            The Firecracker’s are coached by Becki Jones, assisted coaching by the entire team. We are a bit of a democracy. A lot of fun and a bit of competition fuel our Friday nights.
                                             Our roster consists of:
                                          Becki         Amy         Elinor
                                          Leslie        Anina       Sara
                                          Carla         Lisa          Robin
                                          Lisa E.       Vonnie     Kathy
                                         Brandy, Baltimore and Robert
            We play each Friday night, until May 6th, at Einstein Park (Millbrook/Dakota).
The schedule can be found on’s calendar. Please take an hour out of your busy Friday night to come and show some support. We’d love to see you there. There is no better way to start off a Friday night and the weekend, supporting your friends and “family” at a softball game.

                                                                             Becki Jones

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