Examining the Christian Examiner

The Christian Examiner is the largest Christian newspaper in the states. According to their general information blurb, which functions as a mission statement, the newspaper aims to:

“. . .report newsworthy religious events and activities within the local Christian community, nationwide and around the world, to increase the awareness and activism of believers regarding the moral issues of today, to provide thought-provoking commentary, and to provide an effective advertising vehicle for Christian ministries and organizations, events, and businesses which want to reach the Christian marketplace.”

I pick up the monthly edition of the Minnesota Christian Examiner made available to me through my university campus. I read the stories that are pertinent to the “Queer” community and often become discomforted. It’s not because I am angry with Christianity raging with atheist fervor; it’s because the voices of the silent majority are often too shy to express one of two perspectives. Either that I am an LGBT Christian, or even more compelling, I am an LGBT ally and Christian.

It’s reasonable to suspect that the Christian Examiner editors are selective in choosing “true” Christian voices that perpetuate a message that is in line with the majority Christian moral stance on gay and lesbian issues. Nonetheless, there are limited LGBT news outlets giving voice to faithful gays and lesbians and their allies who also identify as Christian.

The Christian identity is often disguised as a radical Tea Party perspective. This viewpoint is highlighted by individuals like, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Bryan Fischer, and the likes. But on numerous occasions there are family members and friends who cling simultaneously to faith and support of “Queer” individuals. They continually send the message that God still loves us, cherishes us, and is there for us. Yet, media outlets like Christian Examiner and Christian Post have successfully created a false perception that Christians are strictly anti-gay.

What can be done to disseminate this message that Christians are strictly anti-gay? Persistence. Education. Voices. Allied and LGBT voices of faith must be heard. LGBT’s and allies of faith have a challenging responsibility to send opinions in to Christian newspapers and media sources stating their position on gay and lesbian issues. A few places to start are the Christian Examiner in your respectful places of residence. The Christian Examiner has publications in California, Minnesota, and Washington.

If met with rejection, individuals should network to build a solid media resource for the voices that are being washed out by the big names. A LGBT Christian blog, podcast, newspaper, or magazine with ally voices of faith of large scale needs to be created. There is an immediate demand for the LGBT Christian and Allied voice to be heard. Speak up and don’t let your voices be suppressed by bias and contorted Christian media sources.

Jacob blogs at Good as Gay and can also be found on Twitter @thejacobwoods

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