EQCA Community Canvass This Weekend

ImageThis weekend, our community in Fresno will come together to do a door-to-door canvass sponsored by you!  Going door-to-door and talking to voters that voted Yes on Prop 8 last year is the most important work that we can all be doing right now.  In talking to them and sharing our personal stories, we can change the hearts and minds of people in our own city to be more supportive toward the freedom to marry for same-sex couples.

We will be canvassing a neighborhood in the Fresno area where we know that a majority of people voted Yes on Prop 8.  Please join us in talking to them and changing hearts and minds with our personal stories.  Please contact Scotti at 559.593.6766 or [email protected] for directions and details. 

In Solidarity, Scotti Maldonado / Central Valley Regional Field Manager

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