DOMA Protest write up

Image Saturday, January 10, 2009 was a great day for same-sex couples and their supporters all around Fresno and across the country.  Tens of thousands of people gathered across America to remind President-Elect Barack Obama of his promise in an open letter to the LGBT Community to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 (DOMA) and the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.  It was truly a great day in Fresno to have suck speakers as Robin McGehee and Patsy Montgomery as well as several others from around our community.  Fresno saw about 70 people sign the petition to stop DOMA that day and hundreds of others in Fresno signed as well.  These signatures will join the hundreds of thousands of others that will be presented to President-Elect Obama when he is sworn into office on January 20th to serve as a reminder of the seriousness of our community to repeal laws like this and others that have written discrimination into our law books for years.  Thank you to everyone that joined us that day and to everyone who helped put the protest together.  And thank you to all of our great speakers, your words are truly inspirational.


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