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 Best Gay Love Stories- New York City                                            Fall In Love in a City Of Dreams / Composition of Stories       Author: Brad Nichols                                                          Review By: Leon Velasco / Rating: One Thumb Up


The collected stories are very descriptive and clearly explain the surroundings that you can imagine the areas and envision the crowds of people. You find yourself drawn in by the authors of each story. However being that this was my first collect stories book, I really didn’t care for the break in stories and starting another one. Some leave you wanting to read more. I came across a sad ending so if you’re like me, a hopeless romantic, grab a box of tissues for the second story. Some stories leave you feeling warm and gooey inside. 

There’s something about New York City . The glittering lights of Times Square , the towering sky scrapers, the artsy neighborhoods, the glamorous people. It’s a city that’s as vibrant as life and it makes the adrenaline rush, makes your heart swell. There’s also something about falling in love. That instant connection with another soul, that initial electric touch, the intense gaze when your eyes first lock. It’s a felling that’s alive as New York , and it dazzles with the remembrance of early kisses and tender embraces. Whether they’re about first love or new love, unrequited love or lost love, the twenty-four stories in this year’s edition of Best Gay Love Stories will make you sway, make you swoon, and sweep you off your feet.

Brad Nichols is also the editor of the Tales of Travelrotica for Gay Men series. He makes his home, where else, in New York City .


A Four Letter Word                                                                                                 Directed by Casper Andreas

Rated: Not Rated   

Starring:  Jesse Archer – Charlie David – Cory Grant – Steven M Goldsmith – JR Rolley and Virginia Bryan

Reviewed By: Leon Velasco / Rating: One Thumb Up

This Movie had it’s moments of funny jokes and schemes, but it also made one think. What is a relationship? Who is the RIGHT person to give advice to another about affairs of the heart? Who is the person that defines; what is the gay norm?  It brought up many questions as to what is stereotypical and what is not. But then maybe I have just been through an ordeal regarding affairs of the heart that put me in a mental stooper before watching the movie.

I liked the movie and recommend watching. Everyone is different and will end it with different views, but isn’t that what makes us all unique?

“Let the man hunt begin!” when Luke (Jesse Archer, Slutty Summer) enters the gay bar flanked by his sidekicks, he doesn’t know that he is about to meet his match—in hot macho man Stephen (Charlie David- Star of Dante’s Cove). Awakening in a twisted heap of naked strangers, Luke heads to work at Chelsea sex store where he is forced to face his lifestyle by his co-worker Zeke (Cory Grant), a confrontational gay crusader who will stop at nothing short of changing the world.

Smitten with Stephen, Luke considers giving monogamy a chance, but it turns out that Stephen’s cash doesn’t flow from a trust fund; he works hard for his money—as a hustler! A relationship between a playboy and a prostitute depends on whether that is the only secret Stephen is keeping. Among party boys, monogamists, addicts and activists, Luke’s quest may unearth answers his heart is not ready to handle…

Filled with razor-sharp one-liners and plenty of eye candy, A Four Letter Word is a spin-off to award-winning Director Casper Andreas’ first feature—the romantic comedy hit Slutty Summer.

“One of the most entertaining films of the year!” –

“A fun and Frothy farce.” – Miami New Times

“Good-natured raunchiness.” – New York Times

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