Correction and tools for debate.

 I called it the Fair and Equal act… Oops, It was, and still is, the FAIR Education act.

And it was signed by Governor Jerry Brown, today.

Many of us applaud this as a big step towards equality, towards an end of bullying, towards a future where inclusion and not exclusion is the norm.

But as you celebrate and link on Facebook be prepared. People will tell you that this law restrics the rights of parents, that it dictates policy that will teach sex to first graders, that parents will lose all rights to educate their kids…. The list goes on and on.

It is tempting to say “Wrong, wrong, wrong….” But that probably won’t get you anywhere.

In this case, it easy and very effective to simply point the nay-sayer to the Actual Text of the Bill which does NONE of those things. Here it is!

Go forth… celebrate, educate, and empower!

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