Americans Choose

Can we just cut the bullshit? Let’s stop saying stupendously idiotic things like Americans who are on the wrong side of an issue are “ignorant” or “uninformed”? There’s one reason and one reason only why so many Americans can’t hold a decent conversation involving topical issues, and that’s that they don’t make any effort to …

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Pride and Seek!

OPINION As a Fresno native I’ve been away in a larger metro area for the last two years, I was proud to attend the Pride Parade 2007 and was looking forward to the family oriented event.  In our celebrations  here we do something that the larger metropolitan areas do not, we bring our children, our mothers, …

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The G Word

Throughout the recent years I’ve heard many straight people casualy use the word "gay" while describing something undesirable or of less importance. Many times I’ve tried to look the other way or even put on an expression as if I didn’t hear it.  I did hear it, we all heard it.