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Fresno Pride Recap

Against the ironic backdrop of a radio message from the President of the United States which re-ignited debate of a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, the Fresno Pride Parade & Festival stepped out into the warm, sunny Fresno day to become a great success. Over 50 floats and groups marched in the parade …

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The War On AIDS

          June 5 of this year represents 25 years that America has been fighting AIDS. This war has gone on longer than any war in the history of America.  It has out lasted the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, and will probably out last the current war in Iraq. What is interesting is that in all …

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Fresno Pride @16

On Saturday morning, June 3rd  at 10am you can be standing with the crowd on Olive Avenue in the Tower District, anticipating the traditional leaders of the Pride Parade, the Dykes on Bikes, who’ll rev up their engines and drive past the crowd to open the 16th Annual Fresno Pride Parade.   While other cities …

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UPDATE: See below for links to the articles in ADVOCATE I knew Nathan for only a short time.  With Nathan, however, even a short time was packed with conversation. It was September of last year and I was a DJ at the North Tower Circle. I met Nathan while spinning for a moderate Wednesday night crowd. …

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American Truth

I’m fascinated and bewildered by American discourse, specifically the difference between what we say as a nation and what we do. Never has that been more clear than now, when the line between fact and fiction is beyond blurry, it’s virtually vanished. When I grew up in the late sixties and seventies, information was not …

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Nathan – what really happened

A Reminder of What We Are Up Against – Our Tragic Loss When Becki, our Tulare County Chapter leader called me on Friday night, I couldn’t believe the news…Nathan Christoffersen, the 28 year old, sunny, bright volunteer who ran our Madera County Chapter had been found by his father that morning, dead on their front …

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Crystal Meth Persuasion

            AIDS seems to be a disease that has never succumbed to predictability. In fact, it’s a constant mutation, intent on surviving and conquering. Although AIDS has become more manageable that it used to be, it’s still a critically dangerous disease.              But even with the danger of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, there …

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Becki Jones’ mom writes an article

Hey there it’s Becki, my mom, Marti, wrote an article for us here at gayfresno.comIt is the nicest thing she has ever done or said to me and I wanted to share it with everyone……..

Gays in the Military

        Gays in the military????? NO! Many ask the big question "why not?" Why can’t an openly gay person suit up and protect our country? Suit up and help spread democracy and liberty to the supposed nations who "need" our military force on their soil?        Personally, I am against the "struggle" in Iraq. However, the ban of …

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