Cantor supports diversity of opinion on gay marriage (queue laughter)

Seems the House Republicans are afraid that being anti-gay makes them look, well, anti-gay.  Or more importantly, too extremist.  Which is a telling development, that even among conservative Republicans there’s a fear of being seen as anti-gay.

From Buzzfeed:

“And it’s that tolerance, I think that that tolerance is something that enables people to be passionate about their positions. And if you’re for gay marriage, this country allows you to express your views. Some states support it and allow it, and others don’t. But its ok to have that difference of opinion in that,” he said.

Cantor, who is also part of the leadership group that has brought a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s decision to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, argued that open discussion and diversity are what make the nation “unique,” and warned against institutional attempts to enforce a standard position on the population.

Right, that’s why Cantor is for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, and a constitutional amendment mandating that marriage be only between a man and a woman, because he doesn’t want the federal government enforcing a standard position on the population.


PS This is the problem of relying on the straight press to cover gay stories – something we have no choice but to do since the economic crisis, and the larger crisis in media, killed the gay press. A gay reporter would immediately think “where do you stand on the Federal Marriage Amendment”? A straight reporter, however, says, “gosh how open-minded of you.”

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