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Dear Fresno Police & Fire Departments/Inspectors,

As a concerned individual in the state of California I’m writing to you because it has been brought to my attention as a member of the gay community of Fresno, the Central Valley, and/or the state of California that two gay owned and operated businesses, the North Tower Circle, and, club Dance were victims of fire, both in the same week.  Although, I am aware that club Dance is no longer in business, the club was a gay owned and operated establishment under the name "Express" for many years.  To this day one of the owners is an openly gay man.  

We as a community, not only in Fresno, but throughout the state of California and the Central Valley, are asking that you focus your attention on apprehending the individual(s) responsible for setting these fires.  I am aware that the fire at the North Tower Circle had an accelerant at the scene.  This is horribly disturbing to those of us living in the city of Fresno, the Central Valley, and/or the state of California who attend bars and/or related businesses that cater to gay clientele.  Be assured that we are staying on top of these issues with the media, bar owners, and other gay organizations in the city and throughout the state of California.  It is unacceptable that two fires have "coincidentally" targeted gay night clubs, both on the same street in the same week, and, yet, little has been published in the mainstream media.  I am concerned about what the Fresno Police and Fire Departments are doing to insure the safety of gay and lesbian individuals in the city of Fresno, especially those of us who attend gay owned and operated businesses in the area.  This whole issue is incredibly unsettling. As citizens of the city of Fresno, surrounding cities in the Central Valley, and/or the entire state of California, ask that you take both incidences seriously and do everything in your power to insure the safety of gay and lesbian people in the city of Fresno. I also ask that extra precautions are taken to ensure the safety of our gay owned and operated business in the city.  These incidences are not something I take lightly.  I appreciate what has been done thus far, but ask for your assurance that continued investigation will take place until an exact cause and apprehension of the individual(s) responsible is complete.  I thank you for your time and effort in regards to these matters. 


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