Bill McEwen Lays Out The Guidelines For “Irresponsible” LGBT Activists

ImageBill McEwen, a columnist for the Fresno Bee is upset. He’s upset with all those who’ve been marching and protesting in the streets since November 4th and the passing of Prop 8. According to him we can’t form complete sentences, we’re embarrassing ourselves, we’re not acting like "responsible adults" and in order to be granted our equal rights as American citizens, we shouldn’t use up court time, we should "win over" religious Americans.  Oh, and he thinks it’s just an "idea" that marriage is a "civil right".  How does someone who admits that the arguments the Yes On 8 people used were mere fabrication not understand that marriage is a civil right? Read the article by clicking on the following link, but get ready to get angry, then use the next link to write a letter to the Bee.   

Bill McEwen – Prop 8 Protestors Need To Act Responsibly

Fresno Bee – Submit A Letter To The Editor

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