Taylor Scoma

What Gay Unions Don’t Guarantee

This article takes a look at the financial and legal issues that all same-sex couples should know. It does a great job of breaking down the financial aspect of the inequalities that same-sex couples face. Click Here to read more.

Web Videos Against Prop 8

Click Read More to view more WEB VIDS against Prop 8! Ellen Degeneres, A Mac commercial parody, and the new commercial produced by No On Prop 8!

More Celebs Beef Up the No On 8 Campaign

As November 4th approaches, fighters against Prop 8 worry after finding out Yes on 8 is ahead in the polls. Following Brad Pitt and Steven Spielberg, more and more celebrities are speaking out against Prop 8 with their wallets. Click Read More to see a list of celebs to recently donate to Prop 8…  

GLAAD: Gay characters to double this season

The GLAAD organization has recently reported an increase in LGBT characters on scripted network television this season, which marks an all-time high. Click Here to read more about how, surprisingly, Fox was awarded most-improved, and now has the most LGBT characters of the rated networks.

Obama talks, McCain balks

Barack Obama recently sat down with Philadelphia Gay News for an exclusive interview. Click Here to read the interview or Click Here to hear the interview with Obama talking about all things gay.

Gay foster ban cleared for Arkansas ballot

A proposal aimed at effectively banning gay men and lesbians from becoming foster or adoptive parents was cleared Monday to appear on this fall’s ballot in Arkansas. To read more of this article on PlanetOut.com click here.

Young, Gay and Murdered

 Today Newsweek Magazine came out with a cover story about young kids coming out and gay hate crimes. This is a MUST READ. Click Here to read this great article covering these important social issues…