Becki Jones

Gays in the Military

        Gays in the military????? NO! Many ask the big question "why not?" Why can’t an openly gay person suit up and protect our country? Suit up and help spread democracy and liberty to the supposed nations who "need" our military force on their soil?        Personally, I am against the "struggle" in Iraq. However, the ban of …

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Counter Demonstration against Fred Phelps

You saw it here first!  Before the news, before any other websites,checkout the photos of this event by clicking "read more" Folks from all over the Valley were called into action when it was rumoredFred Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church would be protesting the GSAat the Tracy High School Graduations…..

Gay Pride 2005

Fresno’s Gay Pride ParadeJune 4th, 2005 Saturday June 4th, as you may know was the Pride Parade and Festival down in the Tower District. If you were unable to attend, you definitely missed out this year. Personally, I think this year was the best ever…