April Entertainment Reviews by Leon

ImageTUSH – A Novel – Author: Jaffe Cohen – Reviewed BY: Leon Velasco

Rating: Two Thumbs Up

This book was very well written. All the characters just pop in your imagination and take on a life of their own. Each person is clearly described and so you see them vividly. There are very funny parts that leave you wanting to laugh out loud. There are very detailed intimate parts that make you feel you right there in the same room watching. The main character is ready to do just about anything to get himself a good piece of ass, how about you? Would you pull out all the stops to feel the creamy soft skin of a nice bubble butt? What sort of lies or schemes would you come up with? This book is a very entertaining read.


After having his zodiac chart read, Joel Eisenberg studies astrology himself and quickly becomes, like Richard Simmons the most famous media queen in his chosen field. The author of a best selling book and a regular on a nationally syndicated radio show, Joel manages to parlay his intuitive skills, his gift for gab, and his unbridled shamelessness into meeting all of the cute guys who once ignored him. Best of all once he gets them home for a reading, it isn’t all that hard convincing them to expose their rear ends for “Chakra balancing.”

But Joel’s life is about to change dramatically. There are no more phone calls from the coast and, even worse, Lucas Allison, a young actor with a really fine tush, no longer wants to pull down his pants. Hoping that a trip to Provincetown might help loosen the young man’s belt—and truly believing that this is the summer he should travel north to meet the soul mate a psychic had predicted for him—Joel leaves New York City for Cape Cod and a good dose of comeuppance.

Populated with a wild cast of queer eccentrics, this comic tale of Karmic redemption shows us that even when you’re foolishly pursuing the wrong goals, the universe knows best how to make us suffer for our stupidity.



Harry and Max

Brothers like no others


Writer/Director: Christopher Münch

Starring: Bryce Johnson- Cole Williams

Co-Starring: Rain
Phoenix – Tom Gilroy – Michelle Phillips – Justin Zachary

Reviewed By: Leon Velasco

Rating: One Thumb Up

This movie does strike up some controversy whether or not crossing certain boundaries of brotherly love is or not permissible. Certainly some brothers hug, shake hands, or (like Italians) kisses one each cheek, but these brothers are certainly like no others. They share more than just advice. This movie does cover the uncertainty of coming of age and what road of life one is to find to fulfill their destiny but it lags. At times I was like; “can we just get to the point?” I even had time to groom my eyebrows and not miss a beat of what was being said.  This is not one of my faves. Maybe when I need noise to take a nap with, I’ll put this one on play.

From Christopher Münch, the director of The Hours and Times, comes this unforgettable tale of intense brotherly love. Harry (Bryce Johnson) is a twenty-three year old former boy band idol who is watching his sixteen year old brother Max (Cole Williams of Boys life 4) follow in his footsteps. Harry escorts Max on along promised camping trip to
Los AngelesSan Gabriel Mountains. What starts out as fun quickly turns to serious as they bond in ways that neither could have anticipated. Artful and provocative, sexy, and controversial, Harry and Max Proves that the road to adulthood is never a straight line.

“Subtle and compassionate” – New York Press

Harry and Max  goes forth with a brazen commitment that’s impressive.”

LA Weekly

“Boldly matter-of-fact and a little bit nuts.” –Village Voice



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