Rebel Wilson comes out

Actress and singer Rebel Wilson split from boyfriend Jacob Busch. However, she has since found her “Disney Princess” in Ramona Agruma.

According to a new report, Rebel Wilson’s gay best friend, Hugh Sheridan, set them up! He reportedly commented on Rebel’s Instagram post about Ramona. “Rebel’s gay best friend set me up with Ramona, and I think we have found the perfect match!” said Sheridan. However, the actress didn’t know that she was the perfect match for her.

The actress has previously hinted that she is dating a man from the Anheuser-Busch family, Jacob Bush. Their relationship began in Monaco before the coronavirus pandemic wiped out most of the planet. After a brief period of dating, Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch have called it quits. Despite the recent coronavirus pandemic, the couple continued to post photos of themselves together on social media. While their relationship was casual at best, they made it into the headlines in December following a passionate kiss. Having met through mutual friends in 2019, the couple decided to make their relationship Instagram official in early 2020.

According to People magazine, Rebel and Ramona has been dating for some time now. The two first crossed paths at a charity event for Operation Smile in February 2022, and then walked the red carpet together for the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. The actress and model have been open about their relationship in the past, however, but she hasn’t revealed her identity as of yet.

After graduating from Latvijas University in Latvia, the two found each other. Ramona posted a photo of her skiing trip with Rebel, and they were both dressed in deer costumes. The two look like they’re ready to hit the slopes! They reunited in September 2020 on the red carpet for a film based on a true story.

Congratulations Rebel and Ramona!

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