RSVP NOW: Family Pride Night at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo

This FREE event is brought to you by the Fresno EOC LGBTQ+ Resource Center.

You must RSVP by June 17th, by emailing with your information.

LGBT Fresno will be attending with fun kids activities, as well.

26 thoughts on “RSVP NOW: Family Pride Night at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo”

  1. It’s fine to welcome people of all walks of life. However, having a special night for one particular set of people is not right. Including games from the LGBTQ+ community and having drag queens there is not acceptable. The zoo is such a magnet for kids….. leave the kids out of this!!!!

      1. Can y’all please keep your Karen opinions to yourselves? We get it you don’t like anyone that’s not a straight white Christian. You’re not going to be there so please keep lips shut. Thank you 😊

        1. Katrina Gidstedt

          I couldn’t agree more. If you have a problem with this event, don’t go. It’s obviously not the event for you!

    1. There are special events for specific groups of people all the time. Take your bigotry elsewhere and just let people live.

    2. Leave kids out of it…you fo realize there are queer kids right? There are also kids that have queer parents. Just be happy you’ve never needed a day to celebrate coming out of years of oppression for being straight.

    3. I guess Christian’s should not have special nights either or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Juneteenth. Please stop with your hatefulness.

    4. Brenda Got A Baby

      How about you let families choose how they want to live and raise their children. No one is forcing YOU or your kids to a drag show. And you’ve obviously never been to one, because they are super fun and my kid had an amazing time meeting and knowing a more diverse group of people. I do this so my daughter doesn’t grow up to be a narrow minded a-hole who tries to tell other people how to live.

    5. You should have the same passion for beauty pageants who are clearly sexualized oh and stop pretending like you care about the kids.

    6. Sherry Howlin

      Then please don’t take your kids…the zoo is open 300+ other days of the year. It is not mandatory that you attend this event!

  2. Brittany vargas

    Thank you for providing a safe environment for the LGTBQ community. Children should be raised with people who are not so judge mental and afraid to be themself. I am not apart of the community but we will be attending because my children are taught to love everyone and to be open minded and accepting of others no matter sexual orientation or skin color. kids are LGTBQ too…. So how do we leave them out?…showing kids it’s not okay to love who you love and being such a judge mental and negative person is why the world is so messed up. Stop teaching hate. It is 100% okay to celebrate one particular set of people. Good for you fresno Chaffee zoo!!

  3. This is an amazing opportunity to expose all children in Fresno to the beautiful diversity of our population. I’m so proud of the zoo for making this choice! Can’t wait for my boys to see the show.

    1. LOL. Did you know that thus far tons of new people purchased annual memberships in support? I am sure we all can do without your bigotry. Bye Karen.

  4. Jenifer Justice

    Whoever has made the decision to have this event…at a place that is geared towards children…has made a very irresponsible choice. The zoo is for everyone, yes. But there is no need to include children in this.
    Do better please.

  5. Let’s keep it simple. If you don’t agree with it…don’t go. It’s no different than Zoo Lights at Christmas. Not everyone believes in God or Christmas. My guess is they don’t go if they don’t want to see the lights.

  6. My daughter (10) and her bestie are so excited to come to this event. Bestie’s older brother is trans, and it means a lot to them to have this opportunity to be a part of a celebration like this. I told them about the drag show, and they literally squealed with delight. Thank you for making it happen, and we will see you there!

  7. It is sickening how these discussing people are trying to normalize drag with children!! Exposing children to this kind of sexual based activity should be banned and child abuse!! We will never support chaffee again. It was never that good anyway! Sick sick minds!!

  8. Some of you have the wrong impression about this event. It’s an evening at the Zoo for families who are LGBTQ+ or have families or friends who are LGBTQ+. There are also employees of Fresno Chaffee Zoo who are LGBTQ+. No one is trying to sexualize anybody or do anything inappropriate at this event. We have families too and many times we are not allowed the freedom to enjoy ourselves in public places because of people who feel they have a right to impose their own beliefs on the rest of us. This event is for LGBTQ+ people, families, friends, and allies, to enjoy a peaceful night with others like us, without the hateful words of so many that wish us harm. If some people don’t believe we should be able to do this and are going to cancel their membership because we got to have ONE NIGHT at the Zoo during off hours, then I’m glad I won’t ever have to worry about seeing you at the Zoo during regular business hours.

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